Friday, May 17, 2013

Make money from home - online

Become a distributor for Music City Wrappers by It Works!
The Ultimate Body Applicator (lead product)
  • ·         Target site specific
  • ·         Body contouring
  • ·         Advanced, functional skin care
  • ·         Plant extracts, aromatherapy oils, vitamins and botanicals
  • ·         Anti-aging formula
  • ·         Optimizes skin health
  • ·         No animal by-products
  • ·         NEVER tested on animals
Crazy little side effect to using The Ultimate Body Applicator: inch loss!! The skin is the largest organ of the body…nourish it and take care of it, you only get one earth suit.
Target Market: health/wellness industry and Vanity
  • ·         It Works Global offers first to market products
  • ·         Our distribution channel →Network of independent distributors
    • o   Fastest growing industry
      • §  70,000 join weekly
      • §  80% are women ages 30-68
      • §  1% of women in USA are millionaires 70% of this one percent are in NWM
      • ·         It works Global started in Jan 2001
      • ·         Became debt free in 2008
      • ·         Opened Canada in 2009
      • ·         Expanded globally 2010 and changed their name from It Works! to It Works Global
      • ·         It Works pays their distributors (DT) to:
        • o   Gather new  loyal customers (LC)
        • o   Help new DT

How to build your organization:                        
  • ·         Build it right the first time so you don’t have to do it again
  • ·         Be consistent
  • ·         Follow steps to success → this is the key to unlock the entire compensation plan
Steps to Success: → Show me the money!!
Do not deviate from this system
  1. Invest in youself….. $99 start-up kit
  2. $80 (80BV)  Autoship …do this when you sign up (first autoship comes out in 30 days)
    1. This commission qualifies you
  3.  Launch your business within 5-7 business days: You have 30 days to gather 4 Loyal Customer and the company will reward you with $120 in FREE product
_____________________________________           ________________________________________
_____________________________________           ________________________________________
  1. WRAP REWARDS→ With every two LC for ever you can purchase 1 box of applicators for $24.95
  2. CAR BONUS→ 60 LC with 3,000BV and you will receive $600 car bonus
  3. FAST START BONUS→ first two LC your sponsor will earn $100 bonus
    1. Sponsor MUST have 2 LC under them with $80 Autoship to qualify

  1.  Build to Ruby → sign 3 distributors
__________________­­___            ________________________              __________________________
  1. This will earn you residual income
  2. Building executives unlocks the compensation plan
REPEAT STEPS 1-4 with EVERY new Distributor.
Everyone is not qualified to be a DT…you set expectations for your team
Things that make people successful in this business
  1.  Desire
  2.  Commitment
    1. Can they be committed to 10-20/hrs a week?
      1. If not this business wouldn’t be for them
  3. Conference calls→this builds success and knowledge of the company/products
  4. Training program
  5. Meetings
  6. Working this for a minimum of one year
  7.  Products             
    1. Is this product something they can be excited about sharing with others?
    2. Sponsoring→ Are they willing to sponsor?
      1. Ultimately those who offer both the product and the business opportunity have healthier businesses and have more fun and success
      2.  Knowledge
        1. It’s going to take about 6 mo. to one year to truly learn what you need to know in this business, while doing this you can expect to earn $20-$50/hr or more (based on your efforts)
To sum it up, this is a professional business that provides a healthy part-time income, an excellent career opportunity, and untold personal growth all in an arena of healthy fun. I want to help you every step of the way. Now I want you to understand the wonderful training programs our company has in place to help you be successful…
Keep in mind that our company expects that you’re always going to present the product and business in a professional manner and never make claims that are not true.
Now the expectations that I myself have are as follows:
  • ·         That you agree to commit to one year to the business
  • ·         That you attend all meetings in the area
  • ·         That you attend special training events
  • ·         Participate in conference calls