Sunday, March 17, 2013

There is still good left in the world...

Ever hit rock bottom? How about instantaneously? I want to tell the world my story about how my family was on their knees and a kind stranger reached their hand out to us in our desperate time of need. I want to let people know that there is still some good left in this world.

Being homeless and trying to recover

First, I want to tell you all about my situation for the last several months. Around November, my fiance took a large decrease in his cash flow from work. His company lost two contracts at once. He does armed security at events and night clubs in Nashville. He's been shot at,had to shoot at people, spit on, hit(with many different objects, including a car), sprayed with Freeze +P (which is police enforcement grade spray stronger than any mace or pepper spray), and robbed. Needless to say, the man has a hard job. In his line of work, you basically freelance and find your own business and/or work for someone else who does. Two night clubs fell and were shut down, which was 75% of his income. Sometimes, we couldn't afford food, gas, and other things. Everything went to hell. We did a few off jobs(including our affiliate program), and saved the money to move to a cheap 2 bedroom mobile home.

 Baby Steps Back Up 

We did a few off jobs(including our affiliate program), and saved the money to move to a cheap 2 bedroom mobile home back towards Nashville.Work is starting to pick up for him and we are doing alright 2 weeks into our new move. We were getting things paid, anyway. His ex-wife calls saying she needs to drive his children down from Detroit to stay with us for 2 weeks until she got back on her feet. Everyone, everywhere is having it hard. Of course, we could not say no, even though we were unable to afford to provide for 5 children, total. We had taxes coming back at the same time, so we though it would be fine. For days before getting our taxes, we already had the kids, and were searching craigslist for cars big enough to accommodate everyone. It would have to be a mini-van or something similar. Finally, we found a pristine Mercedes-Benz station wagon for $2000 cash. The car, drove, and looked great. Plus, it fit us all with car seats! The car was great! Things were definitely looking up for us. The car we had before had broken down, so we had to sell it. This was the only car we would have, but it would work. There was little tax money left after buying the car that we used to pay bills with. Now, we were relying on my fiance's small income for money. Everything was going to be okay. We had everything carefully budgeted out. Occasionally, we would be pretty broke if he had to miss work or there wasn't enough work one week.

 Potentially Shattered Lives 

Well, of course, as soon as the other children are gone, we are broke. I sent my fiance to a friend's house that lives a couple of towns over to borrow a few bucks til pay day. He left out around 10:30 p.m.. By 11:30 I was getting worried and called his friend to see if he had made it yet. When he said no. I got really worried. Immediately, I called the local police department to see if he had been in an accident. He had been. He fell asleep close to 15 miles away from the house and hit a street sweeper. He is okay, but the car's hurt pretty bad and sitting on a tow lot. With $34 in our pocket, we could not come up with $300 to get it out. Also, it was not driveable. Here we are, back on craigslist. All we have is a 42" LCD and an old Dell laptop to trade for a beater car for transportation. I don't think this is going to happen. With a car you have nothing. You can't get anywhere. Work, the store, the doctor/hospital, or anywhere.

 Heaven Sent 

2 Days into waiting for someone to respond to our craigslist ad that wanted to make an even trade, a man contacted us. Everyone wanted what we had plus money. We didn't have money. This man just wanted an even trade. He said "Bring what ya got and we'll make a deal." Thank God. My fiance loaded the stuff up in a friend's car, paid $20 in gas, drove an hour and a half to this man's house to make a trade. The man comes out and talks to my fiance about the car. My fiance asks if he's like to look at the TV an computer. The man says "What TV and computer? I don't need that stuff! You're not listening to me, boy! You're leaving with this car!" Shocked, my fiance was still trying to make the trade thinking the man was making a bad joke. He brings out the title and signs it over to him. WHAT?! He asks my fiance what he has in his pocket so he can pay him today. My fiance says $14. The man says, "Well, what good are ya?" and goes inside his house to come back and hands him $20. He said use it for gas, which we did. My fiance starts crying over the whole ordeal, of course, I would have been balling over it, too. The man says to him, "Get off my property with all that. Here's your keys." He gave him a void check and told him we could pay him anything anytime for the car and let him drive it away. This man saved our family and we are so thankful. I wanted to write this to let everyone I could know that there is still some good left in this world.

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