Friday, November 30, 2012

I got finger nail polish off my laptop screen with....Magic Eraser!

Oh my gosh! My 3 year old got ahold of some orange finger nail polish and painted up the center of my laptop screen! I researched how to get it off everywhere. No one could tell me. Some unaware people told me,

"Duh, finger nail polish REMOVER!"

No. You can't do this as it eats away plastic, which the screen is made of. Even "non acetone" polish remover has some acetone in it. Enough to make the screen blurry where you apply it.

Dang! So, either way I'm screwed....

Replacing the screen is out of the question. Might as well buy a new laptop...

I was talking to my friend about it one day while she was cleaning her kitchen counters. Her saying all the while, "Wow, that sucks, girl."

So as I gripe and complain to my neighbor about it, she pauses. She looks at her hand and says, "I know!"
"What? Know what?!" I say.

"Let's try a magic eraser on it." She suggests.

I have long since been buying Magic Erasers. I KNOW they are great for getting ANYTHING off of ANYTHING. I never thought to use one, and IT WORKED!! My laptop screen is good as new with no blurs, scratches, scrapes, or scuffs....and NO finger nail polish!

Awesome! Once again Mr. Clean Magic Erasers save the day!

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser

No one paid me to do this blog entry. I just know I could not find a solution to my problem when I googled it, which never happens, so I thought I would make that possible for others because I know things happen with kids and almost everyone has them!


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