Wednesday, November 28, 2012

EdenFantasys - How you can make an easy $100/month online

Sexy Christmas gifts from EdenFantasys - the sex toys shop you can trust! Hey guys! I figure it's finally time to write a blog entry and let y'all in on what I've been doing to make some extra cash. I make commission for writing about products for EdenFantasys. EdenFantasys has several hands-on programs that can benefit you.

  • Eden Points Program
  • Advanced Review Program
  • Mentor Program
  • Eden Bloggers
  • Affiliate Program( click here for your invitation. Partner Code: EPW )

Let's go over a brief description of these programs. The Eden Points Program is a reward program that anyone can use to earn points for activity on the site. Points add up as cash on a gift card redeemable for anything in the store. I give these same gift cards that I earn away on my social networks and blogs to my friends and followers as gifts or as prizes for contests(good reason to follow me and subscribe!).

The Review Program is great for detail oriented writers and bloggers. You can request a vast variety of items that you will receive for free in exchange for an honest product review. This program is a little more difficult to get into. You must get 2 reviews published, set up your profile, and win the votes of Advanced Reviewers. I can help you get this done faster as soon as you are on my "Friends of Affiliate" list. We will discuss how you can get on that list in a moment, so don't sign up just yet. It's getting harder to get those votes, so you need all the help you can get.

The Mentor Program is used as a tool to make EdenFantasys Reviewers more powerful writers. You will go through online classes and your Mentor will assign you products to review. You then will submit your review to your Mentor. The Mentor will let you know if you need to revise your review and help you out when needed. When the mentor feels that you have improved, they will graduate you. Graduating gives you EdenPoints. The tasks you complete as a mentor can give you over 500 EdenPoints. You must become an Advanced Reviewer with a contributor rank of 6 to request to be a mentor.

The Eden Bloggers program is for bloggers to earn gift cards for writing testimonials for EdenFantasys.Your blog must be established, public, active, and at least 2 months old.

Now on to the encore. What you've all been waiting for....the cash! The Affiliate Program. The Online Affiliate program pays a hefty 20% commission. It's basically online advertisement for Eden on your blog or website. You can even use your trackable links and banners in your facebook update, tweet with it, email it, or blog about it. In fact, all the other programs EF has to offer will help you make more money in the Affiliate Program. Here's how:

You're going to want to be an active blogger (Eden Bloggers). Giving away gift cards( Mentor, anyone ) can help attract followers so your blog entries get views. You can write off-site reviews( Review Program ) on your blog including your tracking URL's and banners to make the 20% commission. The more views you get, the higher the chances are you might make a sale. You get to offer 15% off to your customers when they click your link or use your coupon code (mine's EPW).

You can start doing this today. Lucky you! Just click here to get started. Make sure anytime you're asked for it to enter Partner Code: EPW that way you get the invitation! For accepting my invitation to become an affiliate partner, I will make 3% off your sales! Don't worry, it doesn't affect your commission at all! You can do this, too! For every person you invite, you make 3% of their sales! WOW, I know, right? That's money for doing nothing!

So, that brings you to a handsome 23% commission (if you only have one partner), lots of free stuff, and an awesome supplemental income. You get to meet lots of really great people, too!

If you have any questions, just ask!

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